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Arduino is the hardware and software solution for learning, developing and using micro controllers that we will be learning and using in our projects.

  • It has a healthy on-line collaboration presence for learning.
  • It is both simple to learn yet powerful to use.
  • It is a much more economical route compared to other systems.

We will not repeat all the information. It is best to get in overview at

Watch The Ben Heck Show-Everything you need to know about Arduino to get a good overview.

Resources for Arduino on the web

Add any helpful resources. Try to list them in order of helpfulness.

Video Resources


Official versions

Just check out the [main site for various versions]

Other variants

LCDuino - A simplified Arduino with a standard LCD attached, leaving 6 analog and 6 digital ports.

Simplified Arduino

Bread board or to embed a project cost less than $5 about an hour assembly.

Arduino Projects

Video projects

Project pages