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The study of how to manipulate electricity within a circuit to obtain a desired result.

Areas of study

  • Components
    • Passive
    • Active
  • Instruments
    • Power Supplies
    • Measuring devices
    • Tools
  • Circuits

Internet Courses on Basic Electronics

If anyone finds something else just add it.

Basic electronics video lectures



Maker video series


He has many interesting easy to understand tutorials on electronics on YouTube


  • Make: Electronics book written by Charles Platt. --This is a good introduction for kids in the world of electronics. Very hands on. I have purchased this and we will be looking at it together and doing some experiments.
  • Practical Electronics for Inventors 3rd Ed. Paul Scherz and Simon Monk --This looks like a good overall overview of electronics with all the formulas. It seems quite a bit more complicated than the book by Charles Platt. There is an older edition that appears to be free to download on several sites, but I am not sure if it is with permission.