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We are still in the process of preparing for the Robo-T club. Part of that involves research and purchasing.
It works.
But it also means playing. How else will we know what we need for future projects if we do not start the process of building and discover what would be needed for the future. Likewise, at least initially, I see that it is important for me to be ahead of everyone and know where we are going. How can we have a robotics club, if no one knows where to begin. Getting hardware and software to play together can be tricky at times. So don't think we are starting without you. You have stuff to do too. Two things you can do: watch some of the videos I posted read and read the article Salvage which I posted and begin collecting parts.

Here are some photos of our first try at building things.

Any respectable robot needs eyes.
Checking the voltage levels.
Begin with the basics of electronics.
Lots of little parts need lots of organizing.