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This is the Home page for the Robotics Club of Tirana, Albania. A club for youth to learn the use and programming of micro controllers for real world interaction and application. This wiki will serve as a scratch pad of ideas pertaining to robotics and micro controllers. It is open for all to read and learn, but its use is for members. Members can go to the Portal for latest club activity Robo-T:Community portal I am sorry that I have had to lock down the ability to create accounts. Spammers have loaded hundreds of users and fake pages in a matter of a few days. There are various solutions, but the simplest seems to be only allowing accounts by invitation. If someone wanted to participate they could contact me with a little introduction. Just send a note to info (at) this domain. (Again I don't print the email address to hinder spammers getting the address.) As all wikis are this is a work in progress. Hope you can find something of interest.

What to be inspired about robotics and pick up some ideas take a look at this video.

Key pages

Also here are the pages we are presently working on.

Using and editing wikis

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Each page has a discussion tab. This is the place we can throw out ideas and talk about it. Try adding to the discussion. Here is a summary Cheatsheet for formatting in the wiki. Its a pdf you can print off.