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Beginner projects

Of course, they can evolve pretty complex

Security system

  • Design a keypad entry system
  • design sensors to detect entery (the more homemade the better)
  • siren
  • Send message
  • Camera to get picture of intruder
security system game with two teams


  • directional audio finder
  • model a stop light
  • flashing directional signal
  • Binary-decmial converter


  • Line following bot
  • Table edge sensor boti
  • Follow bot
  • combination

fun projects

  • Secret Box turned on by secret trigger


  • LED cube

Location aware projects GPS

  • location logger (with attached keyboard)GPS project for Arduino
  • Scavenger hunt box (can double as a location aware box)(can include directional feedback)

Infrared remote

  • picture remote using capacitive sensing

Building tools

general info

one implementation

worth looking at Open Bench Logic Sniffer-Not Arduino based but an option to buy ready made. rough sketch

Advance Projects

  • reprogram a device safely
  • 3D printer
  • Writting bot
  • Longdistance robotics (even put in a delay for realism)
    • Tempature
    • movement
    • Video
    • Out of box
    • Use an SSL Terminal