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This is the main page for members of the Robo-T club.


Just posted two articles today.
It works.

One is on Salvage: the art of salvaging. We are going to need parts. We can begin no collecting "useful" parts. Secondly, we have begun building things in preparation. Read the article First try and see the pictures. More later.


Hey guys, This is where we are post whats going on and what we are working on. We are still in the process of forming the club. We will be in the US for the next four months and will only be getting back to Tirana and able to do something with the club till sometime in July. However, that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. We will be getting some things we need for starting out including some Arduino boards, a Raspberry Pi and various parts to tie things together. In the meantime it is time to begin research and getting acquainted with the Arduino system, electronics and programming. A lot of learning is about self-motivation. On the Arduino page you will see some video links and other resources. On the electronics page you will see a course on basic electronics that you could take a look at. However, I don't get too overwhelmed. Just look at what is interesting to you. So assignments for now:


  • What to be inspired about robotics and pick up some ideas take a look at this video.
  • Look at some of the videos on the Arduino page.
  • Explore the main Arduino site at
  • Take a look at how to edit wikis and try to make some contribution to the wiki page. For instance if you find an interesting link then add it in an appropriate place.
  • If you are sure this is something you want to do and you have the opportunity, you can go ahead and order an Arduino board or kit. You can contact me for what and where.

Again if it is too much, don't worry we will work on things together. If you have questions you can post them on the discussion page of this wiki(look at the tab above).