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Here is an idea that I am going to throw out. How about a Robotic exchange program? How about one bot who travels the world? He gets upgrades along the way and plenty of updates to his hardware and software and of course some pictures. News of his travels, hardware & software enhancements and possible future places could be posted on a site like say

What could we gain from the experience?

  • A study in long distance robotics-The bot would be unboxed on a live video feed. The recipient would only turn on the power and connect the Internet for the senders to then control long distance. We can even add an artificial delay for partial realism.
  • A study in collaboration-Each club will participate in the development. We will be working from the efforts of others, learning how they did things and how we can better it and move it forward.
  • A cultural exchange-We bring different places closer together. Who knows about Albania?
  • A study in the specific platform-different robotics clubs use various systems. Using an open source system like Arduino will give a better low level learning experience for some of the clubs.

Who would participate?

  • Clubs from around the world.

What would be the process?

I would propose that we could call him Robo-T as in (Robo-Traveler)